Wednesday, April 11, 2018

To the Boss

Dear Sai,

So I have often been accused that I don’t give you enough credit. To which I always reply, ‘if I start giving him credit, every post will be Sai said…’ I still stand by that. Being said that, instead of giving a nod in each post, I would dedicate this one to you.

Now that my internship is almost to an end I have to say it seems bittersweet. I have grown accustomed to your office. Working side by side with such remarkable people. No, this is not a goodbye post, it is just me stating the facts.

Facts like our office is not only fun, but I got to learn more here than I did in one year of college. I got to work on my strengths and my weaknesses. I learnt, being an architect doesn’t only mean being a designer and an engineer. It is also being a kickass manager.

And you were right (as you often are) I am able to do four times more work now than I could when I joined. I will always remember the lessons you taught me, and the great opportunities you pushed towards me! I will forever be grateful.

To an amazing mentor, and the coolest Boss!



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  1. Dear Shreya, thank you for this post, it has been my privelage being your mentor. It makes me extremely proud to see the transformation you have achieved. Hope your journey continues both in and out of Sandarbh. Also I am sure I will visit you in your New York corner office overlooking the central park !!
    - Love Sai


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