Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Like I said yesterday, every year, there are times when the interns are leaving - creating a void in the office when they do.  Suddenly, the spaces in the office feel empty. But linked to this is another activity that repeats .
And that is selection of our new interns.
Just as the interns we pick join the firm starting their 6 months training, the next bunch of interns begin sending in their applications. It starts with a couple of applications and as the months pass, it ends up flooding our inboxes with mails and portfolios from all parts of the country.
The internship process is quite interesting. As soon as interns apply, we start our process with an introduction mail which talks about the way we work, asking them for a small introduction of themselves.  The answers, almost always are diverse and shows us different characters with different contexts and stories.
Based on the answers and the portfolio,  we pick a few who are then called for a telephonic interview.The call and the conversation along with it is quite fun to be a part of. A lot of the team members, sit around while the call is made - listening and figuring out if this person can be a part of the team.
After a lot of these calls and further mails and communication, is when the interns are finally picked- which gives us a gap of a month when the present batch finishes, and the next set of interns join. And then the cycle continues....

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