Monday, April 16, 2018

Never Compromise

"Nobody told me Architecture was a tough course", said Nayana - one of the interns who applied for internship at Sandarbh for the next semester at college.

"Why would it be tough?" Sai asked in return." It's tough because you are told it is".

As I thought about it, I realized that it is mostly true. Most of us young architects who graduate out of Architecture school give this advice to new Architecture students. You won't have a social life, you will have a lot of sleepless nights and the professors will be terrible to deal with. And just like all of us who got the same advice from our seniors and other professors who just passed out of Architecture school, these new architecture students will wait for the day when Architecture turns hostile.

Later, as you start designing and developing your own opinions about the field, these ideas turn into positive ones.

But through the hosility, the student architects feel they learn a lot. Step out of Architecture and into the professional career, the same concept is carried to the other side. So even if they have hectic lives, even if they struggle through the days, they move on - looking forward to one day when the days are stress free.

But should it really be that?

Why can't the outlook towards Architecture remain the same  as you enter Architecture school and exit it? Why should it be perceived as a profession filled with hardship?

"Never compromise", is what Sai said in reply to Nayana (coincidentally the same words displayed on the table mat at the restaurant I had lunch from today)

Let Architecture be a space for you to showcase your passion. You can do it the way you want - you can write, you can sketch, you can render - Architecture accepts it all. In that case, why would it be a field filled with hardship when all you are doing is what you love?

Do it because you love to do it.

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