Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sandarbh Ki Basanti.

Dragging a scooter from office to the nearest petrol pump is no easy feat. And that is something Drashti will confirm.

As we headed out from office today, Harshita and Sulu had some work on site, so they decided to take our resident scooter. Which till now, was extensively been used by various people.

Fun Fact: it doesn’t need a key to start. It works on magic (as most of us agreed, though Sai still suggested it was hot-wired).

It didn’t start though.

We tried self-start… dead.

We tried kick starting it- nope.

And then we realized, there was no fuel. The fuel tank was dry. All this time it had been running on fumes.

And so we (Ahem! Drashti) dragged the thing all the way to the petrol pump. As we waited for our turn we couldn’t help but wonder, how the hell was this thing working till now!?

The answer came in the form of a cheap car sticker which was stuck in the back of the bike in front of us.

“Jesus loves you”

And then suddenly everything made sense.

The scooter still didn’t work though. So we left it in the nearby garage and took a cab instead.

The office had a good laugh about it later in the evening. Sulu being Sulu suggested that we should probably take a scooter what works on fuel and not magic.

But seriously Sulu, where’s the fun in that?


  1. this makes me ask the question - how many people does it take to fill petrol in the bike??

    1. Answer:3+1 One Administrator, one Project Manager, one intern and one with a camera to document everything. XD


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