Saturday, April 7, 2018


"How would you guys want your dream office to be 
like?", Sai would ask each of us once in a while.

As the others talk about their version of a dream office , I would rack my brains for memories of when I imagined my future office during college times. Images of Google's fancy offices where it seemed like fun and work went together would pop up. But I get that here too, I would think. A job with a travel company where I would get paid to travel would be nice too, I would think.

So when my turn comes, I would talk about the little things. The coffee machine within our office space, or a fridge filled with goodies, or a vending machine. I would think of the coolest furniture, or probably more holidays and travel ,or having a workshop within the office. The furthest we would go is moving our office to a more fun locality like Indiranagar.

"Okay let me rephrase", Sai would say after listening to all of our versions of a dream office and job.

"How would you want to turn Sandarbh to be your dream office?"

And I would think, didn't I just explain that?

After multiple times of going through the same process, realization struck.

And so, I began to think. I thought about the travel, I dream of doing some day, the books I wish to write, the diverse people I want to meet, the world I wanted to see, the stories I wanted to hear. Why did it have to exist within a vague frame of the future inside my head? Why did I have to join a travel company to travel? It is all there right here, I just needed to bring it to me.

I really didn't have to look around the world in order to find my dream job. I just had to really dream about it.

 "Each of our minds gets contained within a bubble that we create around it.", Sai would say.  Everything outside the bubble seems like it is stuck in infinity. All we need to do is break the bubble.

And so, I  begin to dream.

I want it all, I want now.

So you guys tell me, what would your dream job be like?


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