Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Do dreams come true?

Do you remember what I wrote about dreams? You can find it here.
Frankly, I didn't believe it much. I was just being highly optimistic. But I wanted it - so wanted it.
And here I am, 11 days after I wrote that particular blog, wondering if all the events that happened last week was just coincidence.
All of it started a few days back when I was busy debating with Shreya about her obsession with New York. Sai gets a call from a person in New york regarding his project in Trivandrum. I was happy - after all this was a reason to travel to Trivandrum. But obviously how much of a difference would the client being in New York or in Bangalore or anywhere else in the world for that matter make a difference?
So we set out to Trivandrum to take a look at the site where we met the client's brother and discussed his requirements.
Just after we complete our site visit, we were pinged by someone else from New York. But this time, it was an architect who was the principal of a firm based in New York. He wanted to explore the possibility of our collaboration with his firm.
It didn't stop here.
Yesterday, after I draft a mail to this New York firm with further details of collaboration, Sai sends me a questionnaire sent by a firm in Azerbaijan who wanted to possibly work with us for one of their project.
As I sat in office reviewing this firm and the Architecture of Azerbaijan, all that ran through my head was -
"Can all of these events actually be accidental?"

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