Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hello All

All of you might have been reading Shreya's blogs here - as she continues writing for her Project 365. Now as she reaches a landmark of 40 blogs - telling the story about her internship, the work and her experience at the Sandarbh Design Studio, this inspired the writer in me to slowly start to wake up from a long pause from writing for Sandarbh (you can find a blog from about 4 months back here).

So , here I am taking a decision to start a new series - this time from an architect's point of view - 

To introduce myself, I am Ananya, an architect working at the Sandarbh Design Studio. My role in the office includes dealing with the client communication, the marketing and working with the interns. Although I joined the office with an intent to write as well, this role had taken a back seat as the rest of the work began to catch up to me.

So here I am, bringing it back - with a desire to give you an insight into the daily life at Sandarbh, the transformations and our office culture. 

Although I will be writing on behalf of Sandarbh, it will be my ideas and experiences as an individual more rather than the team's. And even though I have taken up something like a project 365, my blogs will not be appearing as regularly as Shreya's does here  - As my commitment to writing everyday will be spread across various platforms. I may be writing for RedMax Images - Leena and Sai's Photography venture as well.

Looking forward to sharing the tales of Sandarbh, our people, our projects, our clients and my experiences here.

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think about it.

Come back to this space for more!


  1. This is awesome Ananya! Now we can discuss ideas on a daily basis!

  2. Ananya, I am very glad you made this commitment, wish you all the very best for your project 365 !! looking forward to seeing our work from your perspective!!!
    - Sai


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