Saturday, April 14, 2018

Interactions and coincidences

We were meeting these clients at a project for the first time, far away from our office - almost a 1000 km in fact. During the introductions we met the clients childhood friend who also happened to be there.

The meeting led to a conversation touching a wide range of topics - starting from architecture to colleges in Trivandrum to politics etc., with the client's friend being a major contributor.
"Even my little cousin is training to become an Architect",he said. "She's studying here, but right now in Bangalore doing her internship".

"Oh! Even we have a girl from Trivandrum with us doing her internship", Leena said - talking about Meghna.

After describing her cousin, and us talking about Meghna - the client's friend , picked up his phone and gave a ring to this cousin he was talking about.

"Give the phone to Meghna", he told his very confused cousin.

Sai played along - a
fter a short while, of shocking Meghna out of her mind with Sai's voice - coming through her friend's cousin's phone, we got out of the meeting with the client and us still laughing about the extremely confused Meghna and her friend .

What were the odds that we left Bangalore with Meghna there just to talk to her again through our client’ friends cousin from Kerala!
this is exactly why being an architect is fun - you get to meet new people and link them with your own.

What a small world!!

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