Friday, April 20, 2018

Meet Pepper!

Hey Guys! Sandarbh has a new team member now!
Everybody, meet Pepper - the latest and youngest member of the family.

After being rescued from a bunch of stray dogs attacking her, Pepper was bought to us by this kind man who put up her picture on an adoption website. Leena, as soon as she saw the post - gave a call asking for Pepper and by the end of the day, here she was! Pepper's gender is still under debate in office. Shreya is pretty sure Pepper is a female, Ally is sure Pepper is a guy. Until this is clarified, I am just going to address Pepper as a female. 

Ever since she got here, Pepper has been super friendly to everyone and spent her first day at office moving around the office in Ally's arms and occasionally sleeping on laptops, laps and the bed in the garage. The little one even scared away Atom, when he came sniffing her in curiosity. 

All the Instagram stories posted tagging Sandarbh were of her today and probably would be for the next few days.

Looking forward to more fun days with Pepper!

We still miss you Spice and Bella! Come back soon. 

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