Friday, April 27, 2018

Our Birthday Boy

It was a sight to see Rambo's face in the morning today! Birthday boy came in to all of us breaking out singing 'Happy Birthday to you' and Rambo, in his usual style, blushed the deepest shade of pink and could'nt look at any of us for the a while! 

In Sandarbh we take birthdays very seriously! We love to celebrate and birthdays are big events! We all go out and the treat is on the birthday girl or boy. Interns are warned of this tradition in the introductory mails itself and architects are told of the treat as well when they join. Most of us hope that we share our birthday months at least with a few others so that the treat can be a combined one! 

Today is a biggie - Rambo's birthday! We have not yet planned specifics but we are all in and he is all set for his treat and we'll have a blast! 

Much needed this after the crazy busy few weeks we have all been having ..... 

To good times and great work .... always ....

Happy birthday Rambo!! 
Thank you in advance from all of Sandarbh! :-) 

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