Thursday, April 19, 2018

The art of Building Homes

Designing a person’s home is the most challenging thing as an architect.

Yes, I said it. And you heard me right.

Recently enough Ananya had written about her experience with her old friend, where the two talked about the two vastly different paths they have taken in architecture. One designing with numbers and another with the heart.

A home is a basic necessity that is needed by a person, it is meant to be this extremely expressive project. A place that one can call their own in this big world.

When a client comes to us, they come with certain hopes and expectations, as they do in case of every project. However, their hopes and expectations, in this case, are highly emotional. An average human being builds a house once in their lifetime or at least they think it might be the last time. And it is very important their abode be perfect.

Architecture often sways between the subjective and objective aspects of design. When we start designing a house it leans more towards the subjective side, and suddenly everything is possible. The possibilities are only limited to our client’s vision of their home. And everyone has a different vision.

Their scales vary. A house can be as small as 200 sqft, and another could be as gigantic as the Antilla, which by the way is more or less 48,000 sqft (just to keep things in perspective).

Homes can be really personalized or completely anonymous.

Homes that we as architects design are probably the most personalized part of our jobs. 

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