Thursday, April 12, 2018


The morning meetings is when Sandarbh puts together it's plan of action for the rest of the day. Usually held at Sai's table, we gather around the table with our laptops and sketchbooks  to update and push for further progress. Sometimes they are short and crisp, sometimes they stretch till half day.
The topics covered would be diverse, sometimes just covering the essential topics, other days, it would move to strategy, business planning etc. , It would depend on the projects in hand and how we plan to move forward with them.
But today's meeting was quite different from the once we usually have. Unlike regular meetings which were aimed at the present and future, this was looking into the past. As a part of design development for a couple of new projects, we spoke about older projects designed about 17 years back, the design approach taken, the sketches drawn and the context was explained. Models which were made to explain the forms were shown
As this discussion continued, I tried imagining a day at office 17 years back when the design was being developed. How different would it have been?  The first change I felt was the difference in technology. Models like those are seldom made, as SketchUp does a very good job showing the spaces.
As I sit in a bus going to a city away from Bangalore while still being a part of work, design without Google, Pinterest or communication without WhatsApp and mobile phones is unimaginable to me.
It feels like Architecture has changed dramatically. But has it really? Are we just using an upgraded kind of pencil today?


  1. Ananya, as I keep saying anything that is built starts as thought or an idea first, while technology can be a great help it can sometimes be a limitation too. For me projects that I have loved working on I could see it in my mind long before they were built. What iI see these days with some of the youngsters is if you can not see it on sketchup or any other 3D software you can't visualise. This is something like how before we had mobile phones we remembered all our classmates and friends numbers by heart and now can't even remember one number besides our own.- Sai

  2. Years ago, we do visualize in mind and then the workflow starts,like a offline thing.
    Now, because of the excellent AI softwares,the imagination and drawing goes, hand in hand LIVE.
    It speeds up the process truly.
    As Ananya says, we actually updated the pencil and its keep getting updated to tackle the modern times challenges and the time shortages.
    But, the real creative freedom and fulfillment still rests in the crude sketches we made years and years ago.
    Peppin Jerold

  3. Yeah true Peppin, I guess as technology and architecture grows, I think we probably need to train ourselves to keep in touch with the crude sketches as well.


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