Thursday, April 19, 2018


From the outside, Architecture might look like a profession which only includes drawing, sketching, 3D views etc. Most of the student architects might have the same point of view too till  they graduate
Infact, the reality is quite different. Being a service oriented industry, a major bulk of an Architect's day is spent doing activities far away from sketches or plans.

A majority of the work Architects do is communicate. We start the project speaking and understanding the client. As the days and project moves forward, conversations through mails, phone calls and meetings continue. The conversation spreads to the carpenter, the contractor and the client.
At the end of the project, it is the same communication and conversation that gives you a new project to work on.

So after a long day of back to back meetings and conversations, I realize - a majority of the Architectural education should have been about communication.

For without it, the plans, sketches etc. have no scope to develop.

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