Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tale of a few Ceilings: Then and Now

Now I understand how there are millions of architectural blogs talking about architecture: then and now. So many that now it’s almost pretentious. And you know how all of them would sound.

“Oh my God, architecture is so trashy now, remember when…”

Yeah. Pretentious. However, hear me out on this one.


Yes those, often overlooked, part of the building which is overlooking the entire space.

In the older days, people used to look up and be awed by the magnificence of the ceilings. A beauty other than the sky that hung above us.

The Romans made it right.

In the Gothic period, we reached great heights.

It was developed further in the Baroque.

One of the most well-known example being the St. Peter’s Basilica

Wait we did it as well

(Dilwara temple Mount Abu)

And the Hajia Sophia

My point being, it is one of the sexy that we should definitely bring back.

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