Saturday, April 21, 2018

2B or not 2B

It has come to my attention that the past few days I have become a glaringly boring person. The blogs I have been writing are a snooze fest. Now, in my defense, when you write a blog every day, there comes a day when you just start to repeat yourself. But today I had made up my mind that I would rectify this dullness. And so like any sane person, the first thing I did was googled something fun. To be more specific, I googled Architecture Jokes.

Not a good idea.

Believe me, when I say, do not do that to yourself. What you come across is not going to make anyone’s life better. Let me give you of an example I had to suffer through.

Q: "What do you say when your Ortho breaks...?"


OSNAP. That’s the sound you will be hearing when I meet you and break your neck internet person!

As I moved forward, (hoping that the internet might have a few good (wo)men) I am sad to inform you, I was disappointed.

Soon I came across a BuzzFeed article about architects who really messed. After scrolling through a few pictures of failed stairs, ramps and doors, I realized I wasn’t even smiling anymore. Sure the first few pictures surprised me and so maybe gained a laugh. But soon even that turned mundane. And so I realized, making people laugh was not the reason I started blogging in the first place. Sure I love it when someone gets a laugh or two reading something I wrote. But that was not the whole point. And so I gave up on my struggle of finding something funny before I make a few

And spent my Saturday evening responsibly by playing with Pepper.
So ending on a high note, here is another picture of Pepper the cat. (she is as big as my hand!)

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