Friday, April 27, 2018

Happy Birthday Rambo!

Finally there is another birthday in the office.
The extremely artistic, slightly awkward but definitely one of the best senior architect one can have around.

I still remember the first hi to Rambo, where every intern gathered in the office, finally to see who is this Rambo everyone keeps on talking about, and singing in sync, ~Hi Rambo~

Now, I am pretty sure it is his birthday today. Though he is being extremely sneaky about it. When Drashti asked him point blank “Is it really your birthday today?”

He answered, “My birthday is in July.”

Birthday or not.

Here is a shout out to Rambo.

Senior Architect of Sandarbh.

Happy Birthday Rambo!

P.S.- I cant believe I missed your birthday treat! Do you think we can get another one? 

P.P.S.- I know Leena had already posted a happy birthday post. But you know whats better than one Birthday shout-out? Two Birthday Shout-outs! 

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