Saturday, June 30, 2018

4 weeks at Sandarbh : Arjun

I'm going to get straight to the point. Let's check out Sandarbh from Arjun's point of view...

Me: Hi Arjun! Tell us something about yourself
Arjun: Hey! I'm from Kochi, studying in Manipal. I'm pretty into comics and gaming. I love travelling and going to places that people don't usually travel to. I'm really interested in cars but sadly can't ride a bike.

Me: So, what were your thoughts before you got here?
Arjun: I didn't really have any thoughts as such coz I've been to Bangalore before plus I've got a lot of friends here so I was familiar with the life style here.

Me: Any thoughts about the internship before you started?
Arjun: Before I found Sandarbh I thought this whole experience would be really hard and boring. I'd just gotten used to the vacations and I couldn't imagine myself sitting at a desk, staring at a screen all day long.

Me: How were your preconceived notions different from reality ?
Arjun: So once I got on the office group I felt more relaxed. I realised the people here would be easy to talk to since they were so open. Slowly I got to know everyone and the whole scene seemed like a pretty chilled out one.

Me: Tell us about your first day at work
Arjun: The first day was really good. Like I realised that even though I had to work but it would be interesting work. We were all treated well. We were treated as adults but at the same time it felt like we were also being taught. The office environment really resonated with me. On the first day itself I knew this place was for me.

Me: Interesting that you found yourself on the very first day. But there have been a lot of stories of you getting lost in the first week here. What was that all about?
Arjun: First of all, I have a feeling that my maps enjoys messing with me and I'm not particularly good with remembering routes.On the second day I got sent out to a factory to pick up some cabinet shutters. So Karamjith and I left in a Jeep from office around 4 and expected to reach there by 5:30. Karamjith told me he knew the way and so I didn't pay attention to the maps after. After a while I realised we were actually going in the wrong direction and another hour and a half got added on to our travel time. We had to rush and take all sorts of short cuts to get there, but even then we reached only around 7:30. Since we were so late and the factory had shut, it took us even longer to get the material and load it up. It ended up being a really long day for me. I've been infamous for getting lost ever since!

Me: 4 weeks are already up! How do you feel about that?
Arjun: It's definitely more work than we started with but it's manageable and fun. It's my first time working so it took some getting used to. Work is going at a good pace. Sai knows when we're ready to take on things and gives us jobs that we'd actually be good at doing. I've met a lot of new people here too. Everyone in office makes work seem like more fun than I ever imagined it to be.

Me: I totally get you. It's work but at the same time it's fun too.  Before we wind up, anything else that you'd like to say to our readers?
Arjun: Not really. I don't have any expectations or any plans. For now I'm just taking life as it comes, one day at a time.



  1. arjun"s story deserves a second blog!! specially about his reputation of getting lost!!
    this was such a watered down version!!

    1. I agree! Arjun definitely needs to relay all of his adventures of getting lost. We'll have another blog dedicated to just that soon!

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