Friday, June 8, 2018

Resolving the Staircase - An Analogy


A common phrase amongst architects is that an average design that is resolved is better than a great design that isn’t. Oftentimes when resolving a design everything else seems to work fine expect one or two elements. Maybe the toilet won’t sit right or maybe the entry to a room is weirdly placed. Vertical transitions like stairs can work out beautifully in some designs and can be a total pain in others. Imagine having the space demarcated for a staircase but only being able to fit 20 steps instead of the 24 required for that particular design. One can focus on the staircase alone and keep reworking it in different ways, trying out different iterations. Or instead one can step back to look at the plan as whole and move the spaces around it to accommodate the extra steps. Similarly, in life we often get bogged down by the little setbacks. The little problems and issues become so important that we lose focus on everything else. Sometimes it’s just better to step back and look at the bigger picture. The solutions mostly lie there, if only we’re willing to look!


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