Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mad for Mangoes

With a lot of efforts being put into revamping the Sandarbh website, we felt like this was a perfect opportunity to let the world know more about who we are as a team, how we work and what our stories are. A simple discussion like this can go many ways when you have so many people involved, but one thing we all agreed on was that to be creative in architecture we often turn to being creative in other artistic fields. Sai sculpts, Leena is into photography, Rambo sketches brilliantly, Tanvi has been exploring watercolour, Dhruvi has an eye for amazing composition and Ananya writes to get her creative juices flowing. The discussion beyond this point was interrupted by Arjun who thought this would serve as a basis for a good Instagram bio. While the intent was good, the result was a little cringeworthy (For the last time Arjun, YOU’RE NOT GOOD WITH WORDS).

But the simple thought of how we are architects who do many other things materialized soon enough. We were just sitting down for a serious discussion when a mango fell from the tree outside the office. Suddenly all our creative skills were put into picking as many ripe mangoes as we could. Rambo even tried creating a tool for doing so with knife, some sticks and a gunny bag. Some of us stayed on the ground helping Rambo spot ripe mangoes while he was up on the tree house while others took videos in the hopes that something exciting might be caught on camera (something like Rambo falling!)

In the end we sat back down to finish our discussion, with the mangoes cut and arranged in a plate within everyone’s reach. We certainly are more than architects. Artists, Artisans, Designers, Photographers, Story-tellers and definitely Mango Maniacs!!!


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