Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Everyday Indulgences

What if I told you of a space where you could experience a Jacuzzi in the lap of nature? A space that is private and yet lets you experience the world around. Walking up to the Jacuzzi you can feel the roughness of pebbles and stones under your feet while the sky itself leisurely spreads out above your head. Unwinding by immersing yourself in warm waters and allowing the cool breeze to caress your skin. Lush green plants around you literally bring the outdoors to the inside. And if ever you feel like there isn’t enough of a connection with nature, you could always push open the pivot windows, connecting you to the greenery around. Tones of earthy brown, mellow white and bright green soothe both the body and mind. Doesn’t it sound like a picture of ultimate bliss!

What if I told you that this wasn’t a space that was picked out of some fancy resort in some exotic locale, but rather from a home that was built right here in Bangalore? Would you believe it? I surely wouldn’t have if I hadn’t seen proof in the form of pictures while browsing through Sandarbh’s webpage. 

Perhaps, experiences like these don’t have to be reserved for vacations. How lovely would it be if they could be a part of everyday life!


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