Tuesday, June 5, 2018

An Architect's Skillset

To everyone who follows these blogs regularly, you’ll notice this is another one of those ‘Sai said’ blogs much like my predecessor Shreya. Day 1 at Sandarbh was interesting to say the least. The orientation for us interns was about 4 hours long and yet Sai managed to hold our rapt attention throughout. We were made familiar with the work culture of the office and the kind of work each of us would be doing. Eventually the conversation shifted to essential skills that make a successful architect.
Sai started off by asking us the difference between a skill and a talent. The literal definition of skill is the ability to do something well while talent is defined as natural aptitude. It’s simply that while talent is inborn, skill can be inculcated. There are a few basic skills that Sai believes each one of us must possess to become good architects. Communication is the big one whether it is verbal or written. After all someone who is an average architect but good with communication will still be more successful than a great architect who can’t sell his design.
Another skill that is a must for architects is being able to sketch well. A proportionate sketch with straight, parallel lines and correct line intensities is just as expressive as a well written prose. Sai clearly and bluntly defined the difference between a good and bad sketch and also taught us the technique to improve our sketching. In the end a bad sketch can very well be converted to a good one only by adding in a little bit of time and a good amount of effort.
I have a feeling that I’m quite alright on the communication front but I’d never really thought of sketching as something that I was good at. Perhaps, with a little bit of effort I will pick up on this too. What about you guys? Do you possess these particular skills?

P.S. While going through Meghna's sketches we discovered the difference a little bit of effort can actually make. See for yourself!


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