Sunday, June 10, 2018

Where is the Off Button?

After an exciting and exhausting first week at Sandarbh, I wanted to do nothing more than kick back and relax over the weekend, and what better way than to catch up with some old friends. A quick call and a couple of messages later I had made dinner plans with a college friend who is interning in Bangalore as well. Considering it was a Saturday night it took us a while to find a place that was convenient for both of us and had a table available. The conversation started off with us recounting our experiences at our respective internships and branched off into various directions. We spoke of the work-life culture in Bangalore, the amazing weather, the traffic and even how we both hoped that Bangalore would add some much needed colour to our otherwise bland love lives. Somewhere in between we spoke of the restaurant and how slow the service was but this conversation too quickly moved into the domain of architecture. We were seated at the second floor beneath the sloping roof that we observed is quite characteristic of Bangalore but is rarely seen in Delhi. There was another level above us in the form of a mezzanine that had restricted access. Animatedly we discussed how the space would’ve been better without the mezzanine or what else we could’ve done to make the space grander or cozier and everything in between. This led me to wonder if we ever turn off the architect in our head. We’re constantly figuring out details, redesigning spaces or simply even just observing. Maybe spaces, places, elements and details eventually become ingrained in our very being. Maybe there is no off button!


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