Friday, June 15, 2018

Switching it up

From the start of this week to today, our morning meetings just seem to be getting more and more crowded. As the team grows, each one of us is also evolving to take up more roles.

On their very first day Akshay and Monica were thrown head first into sketchup. They took over making the 3D models for the plans that Dhruvi, Kruti and Purva had been resolving. The three of them then took over composing the website - a job that Arjun and I had been doing. Not wanting to sit idle, we got to do Harshitha and Sulu's work of coordinating on site and getting in touch with vendors.

This switching up has worked out pretty well for us. Our sketchup models are being churned out at a good speed, the website looks much better and our communication on site hasn't led to any glitches yet. Moreover we're enjoying our new roles just as much as we liked the last. Personally, it's worked out well for me as well - by making calls on site, I get my daily dose of Hindi too!


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