Friday, June 15, 2018

Partners in Design

I've always been a lone designer. I need my space, my things and knick knacks around me, my distractions (read scrabble and candy crush) and my table full of my organised chaos to get into my frame of  mind of designing. 

Or so I thought. 

The last few days now Rambo and I have been working together on the design of a project and its been going surprisingly well!! We have worked together before but briefly, on details and such. But this is the first time we have sat down together for the last few days designing, redesigning and working out the details for a project. We've been loving the shape the spaces are taking, absolutely enjoying virtual 'shopping' for the components we are using in the presentation and laughing with gusto at the random things that we both get on our social media feeds! In the last 4 days, we've started saying the same things at the same times and more or less reading each others minds in terms of design! 

For me, who is so used to working alone in my space (which is 1.5 floors over the studio), who has no patience to sit and explain designs repeatedly and check drawings and who would rather do it myself than have to tell someone what is to be drafted, this experience has been an eye opener. 

Maybe I've become a more patient person or more likely, Rambo is the perfect person for me to work with but whatever it may be, these have been few of the most productive days with results that I am liking and a process I've been thoroughly enjoying! 

To more times designing with you Rambo!! 

(P.S. - both of us cant help it. We make faces for photos!!)

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