Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Positivity for the Pessimist

The first day of internship can be daunting for any individual. For me, it was nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing. I’m a self-proclaimed pessimist hiding under the guise of a realist, and am always anticipating the worst in any situation. This anticipation usually leads to me channeling the same and ending up in sticky messes. Up until yesterday I genuinely believed that I was the literal personification of Murphy’s Laws – If it can go wrong in any manner possible, it will – but a simple statement made by Sai has got me to question my belief.

The whole idea is quite simple really. The universe works in positives and energy flows where the attention goes. So, if you intend for something to happen the universe will only pick up on the positive part of the intent and filter out the negative. Just this morning Arjun illustrated a simple but effective example of this. For our first site visit today his intention was ‘I don’t want to be late’. However, since the universe only focuses on the positive the message he sent out was ‘I want to be late’. This intent eventually managed to manifest in action when he got lost on his way to office. He thought of something he didn’t want and gave it attention, causing it materialize.

Maybe it’s all in the mindset. Maybe a positive thought process really does attract positive action. Maybe the pessimist in me will finally consider the glass to be half full and not half empty. 


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