Monday, June 18, 2018

A Bunch of Posers

Most Monday mornings usually entail some amount of laziness from the day before. I personally struggle to get up, get ready and get out of the house on time. But today was completely different. Dhruvi, Kruti, Purva and I were on our way to work with plenty of time to spare and to top it all we were all dressed to take on the day. You would imagine this sort of a preparation would go into something like an important client meeting but today’s occasion was something else. We were all ready and excited to get our pictures taken for the Sandarbh website.
Akshay was our photographer for the day and at one point he had turned the entire office space into a set for the pictures. One by one we were called out of the cozy garage where we typically work. Anxious at first, each one of us enjoyed the process thoroughly. Some of the pictures were taken inside on the curving staircase or near the main door. Others posed in the garden outside, either sitting on the swing or smiling against the backdrop of nature. Akshay even managed to convince some of us to get up onto the tree house and hop into the balcony adjacent to it.  The stone steps, the red chairs in the garden, the twisting tree trunks or the curving handrail, each space was an opportunity for a picture to be taken.
With Akshay’s editing and Dhruvi’s composition skills the photos were up on the website before we knew it (you can check them out here ) We were already a team in spirit and emotion but now the same has been recorded in the archives of the internet and boy does it feel good to be a part of something like this!


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