Monday, July 30, 2018

Moods and Mood boards

Today after a long time, the office was at full strength. Everyone came back from the weekend, rejuvenated, looking forward to a good start to the week. We sat together this morning discussing what was happening with the various on-goings projects, how to go about new projects that could materiliase in the future and everything in between. The office was cracking with energy today. Everyone was in a mood to catch up with one another and more than that to catch up with the work. The project management team sat together scheduling site activities and work in the office for the coming week. The design team continued working on different projects churning out drawings, sketches and concepts. The social media and marketing team worked on following up with prospective clients and making constant improvements to our website too. In the midst of all this activity I got the chance to contribute towards a mood board for an interesting farmhosue project. We sat and collected material for showcasing different architectural styles that would blend in with the concepts we had developed for the project. While we agreed on some things, there were debates and discussions over others. All in all, it seem like a good start to the week and will lead to a good start for the coming month too!


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