Friday, July 6, 2018

Perspectives from Sandarbh : Meghna

Today was a small victory for Sandarbh and we're truly celebrating it. Meghna topped her internship jury. She had come to the office a couple of days ago with her portfolio that made everyone's jaws drop. Arjun was in a literal daze for the next fifteen minutes. While he recovered from that, I managed to have a quick chat with Meghna. Read on to find out more...

Me: Hi Meghna! Tell us about yourself
Meghna: Hi I'm from Kerala and I did my final year internship at Sandarbh. I was unsure about coming here first but now I know it was a really good decision to make. I don't usually like giving out of my comfort zone which is exactly what it was like to come here.

Me: What do you mean by being out of your comfort zone?
Meghna: So initially I hadn't found my groove. Sai didn't know where to put me. One day in the office I was getting really bored during an office meeting and I ended up sketching the scene. Kavi shared it with everyone and that's when Sai figured what I was good at. One day he teamed Dhrashti and me together. Within an hour we had made so many sketches. That's when I truly found my groove.

Me: So, what happened after you found your groove? Can you give a gist of what the whole experience was like for you?
Meghna: The whole experience was way better than what I expected it to be. Initially I was pointed out often as I was rather quiet. Slowly as I got more comfortable, I stopped being so quiet and opened up even more. I started off with electrical drawings and I liked that but it was when the sketching happened that I really started loving my work. To me sketching, space-planning, designing stopped feeling like work. I had a great time with the interns in my batch and had a chance to interact with the next batch of interns also. Rambo, Sulu, Harshitha, everyone made my time here enjoyable. Sai and Leena were great fun too. Conversations with Sai and his quotes really inspired me through my journey.

Me: Any particular memories you'll be taking back with you?
Meghna: There are too many memories really. I have seen a major change in myself and have definitely picked up on a few valuable lessons. I have finally learned to say 'No'. At one point my parents were in town and I was on leave but there was some work that I hadn't been able to complete. I prioritised the work over family and made my parents wait. Sai got rather upset with me for this and that was when I realised I had the option to say no to that work considering I was already on leave. Another thing I learnt was that one should never work out of guilt or fear. This is one of those statments that is going to stay with me through life - in theory and hopefully in practice as well.

Me: Any parting thoughts?
Meghna: I always wanted to end up marrying another architect. Being an architect couple was the major idea and it sounded great in my head. But after my time at Sandarbh I have been cured of this little thought. Let's just say my perceptions of an architect couple have been changed ;)


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