Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Perspectives from Sandarbh : Past and Present

Today was quite a productive day in office. Schedules were made, task lists were generated and ticked off, designs were developed and translated into drawings, construction techniques were researched, materials were calculated and in the midst of all this we even managed to put together a presentation for a prospective client in Pune. Sai ended up speaking to one of his old interns Priya, who is from Pune, with respect to that particular project. He shared with us the conversation he had with her and what she was up to these days. This made me wonder, why do the perspectives from Sandarbh have to be just about the here and now. Why not take into account the experiences of the people who worked here, before we got here. I mean, we're constantly hearing stories about the various people, how the office used to be, who worked on what, so why not hear these things from them firsthand.
The whole idea of the blog was about sharing the experiences at Sandarbh - not just mine but rather ours. A collective experience of the past and the present is what I'll be sharing with you guys over the next couple of days. I'm quite excited about all the interesting conversations I'll be having. Can't wait to see what my "seniors" have to say about their experiences at Sandarbh!


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