Monday, July 16, 2018

Processes - Part III

I've spent the past two days telling you guys the wisdom behind the processes, how they were initiated and how we reacted to them. I realised though, that for anyone who is not a part of Sandarbh these process might not be as clear as they are to us. So today I'm going to actually start telling you about these processes. Now I probably won't be able to explain to you all the processes and changes that we are trying to bring about, but I can certainly tell you about the ones that I'm directly involved in or the ones directly impacting me.
One of these processes was that of a time journal. Initially I was able to send in my time journal, properly detailed out and in time. But as work started mounting the time sheet became something that I wasn't doing. I felt like it was more important to work rather than journal how much time I was spending doing what. I have come full circle now - I've started sending my time journal again and this time I understand the purpose behind them. It's not a policing tool but  rather a tool for introspection. For example, while writing today's time journal I realised that I'm not very good at prioritising jobs - something that I won't have caught on to had it not been for this process. And the same applies for everyone else too. Sharing the time journal with each other not only helps us to put together the day's activities and monitor progress, it also helps us be better prepared for tomorrow, eliminating variables in the process. I still won't say I'm enjoying the process but I'm getting there. If nothing else the journalling has certainly made me more aware of my time...


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