Monday, July 9, 2018

Perspectives from Sandarbh : Rambo - Part III

Before I begin to even talk to you guys about Rambo being a sketchup superstar, I'm just going to share with you an image. Real photo? Nahhh. This is actually one of Rambo's renders!

Me: So Rambo, all of us want to know, how did you get so good at sketchup?
Rambo: I knew of sketchup in college. I had tried it before but the geometry was all sticky. You would try to move one thing and the whole model would deform. When I got here, Sai told me all about components and groups. I actually started learning sketchup at Sandarbh. We would watch the youtube tutorials, picking up on tips and tricks, the shortcuts etc. After that, we started experimenting with sketchup. We would have to make models of nails, screws, hinges, bulbs, switches, doors, windows, all the details. Thereafter I was assigned a site and had to make the full measured drawing of the building in sketchup. That’s when I really found my mojo with sketchup. I made everything from the electrical to the piping in details. Then we also did the furniture measurements at Saravan, which is where I learnt to make all sorts of curves and profiles (Curious about what Saravan is? Check it out here). It was all antique furniture which I thought would be impossible to make on sketchup, but I figured it out. The whole process of sketchup has actually been a lot of trial and error.

Me: And what about your hyper-realistic renders? What software do you use for that?
Rambo: I use Podium for rendering and I feel that it is a very easy and user friendly software. I’ve tried V-ray two or three times but I didn’t really like the result. Podium is also little bit of trial and error but if you know the basics, you can pick it up really quickly and the result is also very fast. The components are ready-made. You can just pick up the components, place them in the model. I like it more because of this reason.

We've gone over the beginning of Rambo's journey as well as what he does best. Come back tomorrow to read with us Rambo's last message to Sandarbh!


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