Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Perspectives from Sandarbh : Rambo - Part IV

Rambo's journey at Sandarbh has come to an end and along with it so has this series. But, this is not a goodbye blog coz we’re all counting on the fact that Rambo hasn’t left for good. Sai is certain he’ll be back. Harshitha bets it’ll happen in the within the next year, Sulu gives it 6 months.
Read on to see Rambo's last message to Sandarbh (at least the last message for the time being)…

Me: I know it might be hard to put it together, but can you share with us what your overall experience at Sandarbh has been like
Rambo: At Sandarbh most days were really exciting, new things would keep happening. But there were also a few days when I felt stuck as though we weren't moving forward. Through all of this though, I have definitely changed as a person. It's been like a 180 degree change for me. I was an introvert when I came here, but now I can actually talk to people. My communication has dramatically improved. I have become more affirmative too. When I would go to site earlier, I would be taken for a ride. I would constantly keep going to get material for different things and different people, rather than getting a consolidated list and doing it in one go. Now, I feel I would be more affirmative on site and in other aspects of my life too. I have also gained wisdom both in work and life. There are still those days when I just go along with what's happening, but now I'm aware of it. I have become more productive and efficient thanks to Sai. Just the other day a friend of mine was struggling with some work and I told him to keep breaking down the job into smaller jobs till there was an achievable task that could be ticked off the list. As he kept ticking things off the list, the sense of achievement became stronger and my friend was able to accomplish more than what he had thought he could. So, I have not only imbibed Sai's wisdom but have been able to pass it on too!

Me: Any last words for Sandarbh?
Rambo: Live long and prosper!


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