Monday, July 2, 2018

4 weeks at Sandarbh : Tanvi

Here’s the last of the interns who joined with me. Let’s read more about Tanvi’s experiences at Sandarbh…

Me:Hey Tanvi! Tell us something about yourself
Tanvi: Hi guys! I’m Tanvi from Nashik in Maharashtra. I consider myself to be a pretty spontaneous person. I’m inclined towards artistic fields and I really enjoy music. I also really like taking long walks and observing everything around me.

Me: So, what was going on in your mind before you got to Sandarbh? How were those impressions different from your experiences here?
Tanvi: With all the conversations on the office group and the mails we all exchanged I felt like I had an idea of what work at Sandarbh is like. It was actually better in person. Work is definitely fun. Time passes really fast as I enjoy what I’m doing. I haven’t come across a boring day yet. I really like working here.

Me: Would you like to walk us through your journey uptil now…
Tanvi: I had a very interesting beginning. On the second day of work itself I got to tag along for a client meeting. Post that I was working on mood boards for that project and eventually got to work on the space planning and designing also. Sketchup, approval drawings, working drawings, I’ve had an opportunity to work on all of these in my one month here. The continuous conversation we have with Sai have also helped a lot. It helps us be aware of everything happening in office whether it is the work on site, the project management, the marketing or the design decisions. It has also helped me understand how each of these processes is interdependent and interconnected. All of these interactions have also helped me to open up to people, more than I did before.

Me: I’ve seen some of your watercolour work and it’s pretty good. How was your experience of trying out watercolour as a medium for expression in architecture?
Tanvi: It was actually really interesting. I enjoy watercolour but it’s mostly abstract or things I’ve copied off the net. When Sai asked me to apply the same technique to convey architectural intent it took me a while to actually get that. Rambo really helped me in the process. He would just walk into the garage and tell me what I was doing wrong, he would help me out and show me his own techniques for painting. I really do feel like I have gotten better with the whole process now.

Me: Seems to me you’ve had a pretty good experience till now. Any expectations for the remaining internship period?
Tanvi: I just hope everything continues to be as good as it is. In fact, I hope it just keeps getting better. I just hope to keep learning more through the process of work.

Me: I hope so too! Any last words before we wrap up for the day?
Tanvi: I just wish that I keep enjoying the work that I get and that I keep encountering new things everyday on the job!


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