Monday, July 23, 2018

Lost in Translation

Ever sat through a conversation in a language that you didn't understand? Remember that dumbfounded feeling? Yeah hold on to that for a moment. Now add to this mix another language you're not familiar with and throw in a couple of random English words for good measure. By this time you're really confused right? So was I, as I sat through a multi-lingual client meeting today.

As a North Indian who is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi I've not really had too many issues with language in Bangalore. Broken Hindi, broken English or an even more broken mix of the two generally gets the job done.  But as I sat through the meeting today, words in Kannada and Telugu just went flying over my head. I'd understand phrases like entry from North or window next to dining and that was it. The rest of the meeting seemed like a blur as I sat there nodding. I kept hoping that the dumb feeling in my head won't show up as a dumb look on my face. I got the gist of the whole thing but if you ask me for details I won't be of much help.

Overall, it was an interesting experience, kind of like a weird mix of pictionary and charades except everyone else seemed to be clued in on the words but me!


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