Saturday, July 21, 2018

Silver linings to cloudy days

Remember the feeling when everyone else was at school and you had to stay home because you were sick? How you waited for it to be evening soon so you could call and find out everything that happened, everything that you missed out on? Today I can tell you that the feeling is no different when you are a grown-up, a working individual. I sat home sick today all thanks to Bangalore weather ( I'm currently defining our relationship as a love-hate one) and when I wasn't under the effect of some drowsy medication, my mind kept drifting off to what must be happening in office. FOMO is a real thing people! Since I couldn't make it to work, my thoughts did. I started thinking about all the projects that we're involved in at the moment - those that we're only designing, those that we're executing, those that are in the finishing stages, those that are just starting off, those that are spread out in large spanses of land, those that make the most of tiny plots and everything in between. Even though I'm unwell, I feel really grateful today. This is exactly the kind of internship I was hoping for - one where I'd look forward to going to work everyday! A lot of my friends spend their days boxed up in cubicles, staring at computer screens, drafting toilets or details only. I on the other hand am thankful that I get to witness architecture in all of it's aspects and dimensions. Maybe it's true... The bright side of things only becomes more visible when you're feeling down and low!


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