Sunday, July 15, 2018

Processes - Part II

"For men may come and men may go, but processes stay forever"

This is the ideology we are trying to implement in office now. By setting up certain processes for the way we work in office, the way the work gets carried out on site and the way we interact with our clients, we are trying to ensure that even if the people change the work doesn't stop. We no longer attempt to plan for regular days- those are becoming part of the process. The planning has to take into account the variables. I feel like this has certainly helped us become more organized. With this process we can anticipate and rectify issues before they become problems.

Now with any sort of change there is some amount of resistance. The initial phase of implementing these processes was easier for some than others. While some found peace in the new found efficiency, others struggled to find their footing.  But slowly we're all getting on board. The hope is that in the next couple of months these processes will stop feeling like something that have to be done... They would become a part of how we function, something as ingrained as breathing!


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