Monday, August 27, 2018

Made with Love

A big part of my initial homesickness was linked with food. I am a foodie by nature and a lot of my associations with people and places are linked with food. The one thing I really miss about home are the yummy goodies my mother and grandmother have to offer. Every evening when I would get home from college, I would be pampered with bhel puri or a towering toast or a glass of cold coffee with ice cream. Even though they're miles away, these lovely ladies still make sure I'm well fed. They put in the effort and send across home food every now and then.
Yesterday my sister brought back a a whole pack of home made Rajma from Delhi. We all sat around the table after a long day in the office, with steaming rice and Rajma lying in the centre. We piled our plates with the food, enjoying the home made goodness. The smile on my face could not have been wiped by anything in that moment. In that one plate of Rajma-Rice I could feel all the love from home being sent across to me!


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