Wednesday, August 1, 2018

4 Weeks at Sandarbh : Reenu

So in no particular order, today I'm going to start off with sharing Reenu's experience with all of you. Here goes...

Me: So Reenu, why don't you start off by telling us a little more about yourself
Reenu: Hey! I'm Reenu. I've been born and brought up in Bangalore. I've had an interest in travelling right from my school days which is one of the things that actually drew me to architecture. I always strive to strike a balance between work and fun. And I'm a foodie! Even as a family we love experimenting with new restaurants.

Me: How was day 1 at Sandarbh? And how has the rest of the experience been from that point on?
Reenu: On the very first day we got to see Meghna's portfolio and I'd be lying if  I said that I wasn't insanely impressed. It really struck me hard. Everybody was really warm and welcoming though. I got a chance to speak to everyone and noticed that people were opening up to me too.
I was the only intern from  Banagalore and wondered how I would travel an hour and a half to work everyday. I was a little skeptical at first but now as I get comfortable I don't mind staying back beyond office hours also. The people are friendly and the work is engaging - all reasons that somehow manage too keep us at work to the point where sometimes Sai literally threatens to throw us out of office.
Every day at Sandarbh is like a new experience, a new story. I too was new to project management when I got here. I simply assumed that it wasn't very complex (it kind of is but gets easier as you keep doing it). My experience with office management too has been full of ups and downs. I started off with managing the sites and now am managing the office processes. So yeah, we're learning everyday and it keeps getting better!

Me: Site to Office... What was that change like?
Reenu: In essence both are pretty much similar. They have similar processes and you have to be pre-prepared for both. One major difference though was the language issue on site. I'm not too good with Hindi and so would struggle with that. The workers on site would ask me three questions in Hindi and by the fourth question I'd be stumped, not understanding what they were saying. Atleast language isn't an issue when managing the office schedule.

Me: Any hopes or expectations for the months to come?
Reenu: The past month has been a very interesting experience and I'm hoping the journey ahead is even better (and hopefully a bit more stable too) It's been a bit hectic but I'm learning to manage my time and have fun too. The evenings when we would go out to watch the matches together were indeed a lot of fun. Soon some of the interns will leave and probably new ones would join too. I'm curious to see how it would all be!


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