Friday, August 17, 2018

Home is where the Heart is : Part II

So the last time I blogged about home, I ended it with wondering what other people's ideas of home are. After reading that my sister immediately sent me a message saying "home is where the good food is at". And it made a lot of sense too. As a family we are very food oriented. Dinner isn't just the one meal where we experiment with different cuisines, it is also the only meal we eat together as a family. When I asked Nayana the same question her first response was " Faaaaar ". For someone like her who has been home only 4 times in the past three years far seems like a fairly adequate idea of home. Harshitha on the other hand described home as the one place where you can be most comfortable. Purva put forth her idea of home as a feeling of belonging.
It's interesting to me how the people around me view the same concept of home in so many different ways. It got me thinking about my idea of home. But for me it wasn't just one idea but rather a collection of memories associated with the spaces. Right from the staircase railing that leads you to the house which was also the backdrop to many childhood games and imaginary adventures, to the kitchen slab which was my perch for late night gossip sessions on the phone, to my bunk bed which was my cozy space (the top bunk of which could now officially double up as a stationary store!) I think of the nook behind the sofa where I would often hide and of the sofa where I spent many evenings going through chapters of history and geography while my sister wanted to watch TV in our room. I could go on and on with these memories. But at the same time I realise how my perception of home has also changed. For today, home is a warm bed with a fluffy blanket...


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