Saturday, August 25, 2018

More the Merrier

When I joined Sandarbh we were already a team of 14 people and many more joined us soon. I keep saying we have grown as an office but the extent of this growth hit me only today. With so many holidays making up the most of this week, only 6 of us were at work today. The numbers were so few that we didn't even need to spillover to the garage (where you'd find more than half the office population). The emptiness was overwhelming. We kept talking about the coming Monday when the office would be at full strength again. Harshitha was decidedly at the front of this conversation. Ananya then mentioned that there was exactly as many people in office when they joined as there were today. And that was when I realised how accustomed we have become to the number of people in office. For them the numbers have grown four-fold while for us it's been an addition of a couple of people only. I can't possibly imagine a day like today to be the average day. I for one am quite merry with more people around me...


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