Sunday, August 12, 2018

Paper Crane : Part 2

Often when we're discussing ideas of perfection in office, Sai takes us back to references of Japanese perfection ( even if it's only references to their ingenuity in terms of their stationary!) One time, Sai explained to us that the Japanese are able to achieve perfection not because they're always a 100% precise but rather because they take into account the possibility of errors and make provisions to eliminate these. Intrigued by this, I decided to look into how the Japanese culture deals with perfection.
Strangely enough I couldn't actually find any word for perfection in the Japanese language. But in my search I came across the 'Kaizen' which is the process of improvement and 'Kodawari' which means the pursuit of perfection. This is what we're trying to achieve at Sandarbh. We may not arrive at perfection but if we have a system like that of 'Kaizen' wherein we strive to take into account possibilities of imperfection, then we can get closer to the ultimate ideal. Every effort in office now is a step towards this ultimate goal. Keep coming back to know more about our pursuit of perfection.


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