Friday, August 3, 2018

4 weeks at Sandarbh : Akshay

4 weeks at Sandarbh : Akshay

After yesterday's interesting interruption we're back to the 4 weeks series. Let's see what it's been like for Akshay...

Me: Hi Akshay! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers
Akshay: Hi I'm Akshay and I'm from Calicut. I come from a background of jewelry designers and I guess my creative streak comes from that.  My father makes many drawings of jewelry designs and I guess I've received some of my drawing skills from him. I'm also really inclined towards sculpture. I don't know how good I am at it, but I really enjoy it. Initially when I started my architectural education I didn't really like it. But then as I started making models I started enjoying it. In fact for juries I'd always make the models first and focus on the sheets later.

Me: So, how did you end up at Sandarbh?
Akshay: In our 6th semester we headed to Bangalore for a case study. It was on the way that I was preparing my portfolio. In fact I sent my application while I was in the bus. An hour or so later Sai called me. He was in Trivandrum at that time and wanted to know if I could meet him. Unfortunately by the time he would've been back in Bangalore, I would have left from there. The meeting never happened and it was somewhat of a missed opportunity.
I got a mail from Sandarbh and was really happy to receive it. I was the first person in my class to get an internship and seeing this all of my classmates started applying to Sandarbh too. With so many people appying I actually had to reconfirm if I had gotten it. Sai said he would get back to me on it post reviewing all applications. After 2 weeks, back in college, a friend of mine got hospitalised. We were visiting her in the hospital when I got a call from Sai informing me that I was a part of Sandarbh. Ananya called me after that to tell me that I had been added to the Sandarbh group and well I've been a part of this ever since.

Me: How has your experience at Sandarbh been uptil now?
Akshay: The very first job I actually got was a site visit in Trivandrum, before even officially joining Sandarbh. Nikhil and I had gone to the site to take dimensions. In the first week at Sandarbh, I wasn't really able to enjoy the firm or the city. After a few days though it got better. I really appreciate the fact that we are being given an opportunity to design. It's a great learning experience and it's very important for me. Unlike my friends who are only doing drafting, I actually get to experience the process of designing.

Me: Any special memories or experiences that you'd like to share with us?
Akshay: Initially I was a bit scared of Sai. I would be quite afraid when he would get upset with us. But recently I say in a meeting with Sai and understood the reason for this. He told us about how he had to learn from the mistakes he made in his career and how they had been quite expensive mistakes too. The only reason he gets upset with us is that he doesn't want us to go through the same cycle of mistakes. It doesn't scare me so much anymore!

Me: Before we end this, any hopes or expectations for the remainder of the internship?
Akshay: I'm really enjoying the work as it is, but I would really like to make some models soon!


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