Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Hangout

The mural we are planning to paint up on the wall!

Remember the post Breaking the Monotony where I talked about refurbishing the office. As promised I am back with updates. As I am happy to tell you all the space is coming up pretty damn amazing.
We have installed P.V.C. strip curtains (or as we like to call it murder curtains.) at the entrance of our office. Which allows us to keep the collapsing doors open hence breaking the barrier of outdoor and indoor. + The yellow tinted light also provides us with a nice ambient light for selfies!

The speakers now have a designated space and so does Ananya. Her desk is fixed and all is left is the polishing.

That brings me to the Diwan a.k.a. The most awesome place ever!
As we all predicted the Diwan is soon to become the heart of the office. Because let's be serious for a moment here. Why sit on those weird office chairs when you can stretch your legs on the Diwan! 

And that is exactly what happened.

All that is left now is wall murals! And the ceiling ofcoures! In the olden days people used to look up and be awed by the magnificent ceilings and murals. Now it is sadly one of the most neglected part of the interiors. And so we have decided to put the soul back to the ceiling.

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