Thursday, March 22, 2018

From the Old to the New

Being far from home makes you a romantic.

When you miss your family, you think of writing this amazing sensitive letter to your parents, sibling, friend or significant other. Like in the old times, exchange a letter or two and have the thrill of receiving one written just for you. Opening the envelope in anticipation of the words and the sentiment it carries.

It is a beautiful thought. But then the 21st century hits.  And suddenly the post office is too far away. And let’s be serious for a second, you don’t really know how to post a letter.

The nostalgia of living far from home has finally managed to hit me and so I was getting these romantic ideas but I didn’t have the time to actually pick up a pen and form words.

So I thought up of something new, and easy. I wrote my sister a letter via an Instagram post.
And it made me thinking, just because we have a different life styles and priorities, we can still carry on the old sentiment via new technology.

I believe we can do the same in architecture. Remember our roots, or the roots of the place and build something that is not only true to the context but to us as well.

Technology is to enable, not disable us.
And so maybe we can come up with creative, and fun ideas to use it.

In case you were wondering. This was the instagram post I was talking about.

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