Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Lone Genius vs. Teamwork

The age old image of an architect is that of a lone genius, tormented by the perils of life but still sees beauty in the simple complexities of nature. Someone who will go into poetic whimsy and smooth talk a horse into buying a see saw.

This could not have been further from the truth. (Except the later might be debatable). Architecture, as I have learnt so far is all about teamwork and coordination. There is not only teamwork with colleagues, but teamwork with our clients and vendors as well.

In the office all of us have different roles and responsibilities.
Sulu takes on project management,
Harshita and Aafreen handle administration and the CRM,
Ananya is the marketing pro,
Rambo is the visualisation expert,
Akanksha and Drashti are the drawing wizards
Kavi makes the working drawings look like a breeze.
Shaz, Sid and jamsheed have taken on the site execution challenge as of now
Kiri is the photography and video expert
Ritika handles vendor qualification and research besides assisting Ananya in marketing
Meghana makes conceptual sketches look easy
Leena is on a whole different level when it comes to details and interiors,
And Sai is the Boss with his eye on every little detail.

Every project that’s going on is being handled by each one of us in different levels. And yet we all manage to work symbiotically, in sync.

It could be because we all really love doing what we do.

I think gone are the days when architects used to be the singular protagonists of an epic adventure to find the perfect form. Nowadays we need to be on a completely different level, working as a singular unit.

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