Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Intern or Architect?

It has been two months since I joined the office. At this point, I don’t even feel like an intern anymore. When someone says, experience is the real teacher, know that they are the wise ones.

Only in the office have I realized architecture is so much more than Neufert’s and Time Savers. It may hold different meanings for every architect.

In Sandarbh, I am getting to learn the very same. The kind of architect I want to be. Like a render it’s getting clearer by passing time. As of yet it is around 40% done and things are taking form.

So for now, architecture is about molding space according to a client’s personality, needs and habits.

Imagine a space, made just for you. Doesn’t it makes you feel just so darn special?

However recently I have had a wakeup call from the college. Once again they are trying to reinforce their ideas, requirements and deadlines, expecting me to comply from 2000kms afar.
Till now, I had forgotten I was even a student, trying to get 25 credits by the end of my training and finally passing my semester.

I was an architect at Sandarbh, working with other skilled architects, getting things done. I got to apply every skill I have learnt in college and expand on things I am good at! And though the consequences are real while working in the office, so is the work I do and the people I meet.

If you love architecture then you must know, as fun as college maybe. Working as an architect is so much more!

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