Friday, March 23, 2018

Office Shenanigans

Coming up with amazing ideas isn’t always easy. And if your office requires you to churn them up on a daily basis eventually you will hit a wall.

In days like these, a good brainstorming sessions is all that you need.

Today office was  fun and super informative. All of us sat around Sai’s table and started discussing our designs. And while getting the designs sorted, we got distracted like a billion times.

Now don’t get me wrong, by getting distracted I mean we would stop discussing the design and start talking about costing, or structure, even music and movies. (Did I tell you the office has been freaking out about the brand new Marshall Woburn speaker we got and now there is music 24/7!)

Let me give you an example: We talked about veneer and how to be smart and reduce the  cost. (Pro Tip: Apparently the actual veneer is way cheaper but the cost increases because of mounting and shipping). That information has nothing to do with design we were working on, but helps a lot if you want to start your own practice someday or even if you are responsible for the overall project within a team.

And then, enter Leena with her camera, she took some really amazing pictures of the office, and the people working in it.

And of-course the two clumsy dogs, Atom and Coco (I have been accused of not writing anything about those two!) were also bumping into everyone seeking affection.

Basically it was a colorful day. We learnt a ton, struggled with the new cooler we got, discussed a lot and laughed even more. It was a chill day at office.

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