Monday, March 19, 2018

Based on a True story… sort of

Has it been a month already? Yes it has! In-fact it has been more than a month since I started the Project 365 and I have to say, it’s been a love/hate relationship till now.

Let me clarify, I love writing. However before this I had only ever written fiction. A closet writer is what one would have called me.

But then one month into Sandarbh, Sai made me take up the Project 365.

Boy was I in for a ride!

I was a strictly fiction writer. And so made half of the things up as I wrote. Took creative liberties… similar could really not be done for non-fiction. So I struggled there, (still struggling… it takes up all my will not to make this overly dramatic!)

Then there were times when after a long tiring day I just wanted to sleep. Just ditch everything and sleep. After all, who was keeping a score?

Ahem! My boss was. Be it 9 in the morning or 11:45 at night. Sai would want the blog to be up. It didn’t matter for the few first day what I wrote, as long as I wrote something.

And so I persisted. I wrote because I knew there is only one way I could get better. And that was practice. (Also because Sai didn’t let me take a break!)

You could be a doctor, you could be an artist or even an accountant. If you want to be better in your art, just do it every day.

Even the days you don’t want to.

Especially the days you don’t want to!

If you manage to get through that one tough day, every other day will be a breeze.

I promise.

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