Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Out of all the clients we currently are designing for , one has a very different set of requirements which is less related to their professional needs and more with their breed. Two human parents with 20+ dogs - they warned us and gave us multiple hints that their kids could turn out to be a little tricky to deal with.

"A family of dogs - how hard would it possibly be to design for them?" we assumed when the project began.
So we designed beautiful large kennels , with ample space for our clients to play around and sleep and finally invited them in.

Little did we know that canine clients are extremely different from human ones?

One of them turned out to be an escape artist. Swift and athletic, she would sneak out of the enclosure - ready to explore the surroundings. So, in an effort to curb her fleeing instincts, we began to bring in design changes into their home. After multiple brainstorming sessions and discussion with her human parents, we tried one technique after the other. 

Since the wire mesh that acted as the gate was the perfect surface for her to insert her paws and climb out, this was changed into FRP sheets.

Did that work?  Well, mischievous as she was, she still found her way out of her home - again. But this time she jumped over a 6ft wall that enclosed her wall. 

We wouldn't give up.

An additional 2ft was added to the wall to make it a high 8ft wall. "This one would definitely work", we hoped.

So what does she do? Taking it as a challenge, she found a guava tree within the compound, cleverly climbed it - and with a bark that said," No way you are stopping me" - happily jumped out of the wall.

How could we stop her? She was Mukti - the dog who was named freedom.

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