Saturday, March 31, 2018


An early blog today. (SURPRISE!!!)

It’s the last day of our beloved old interns. I don’t trust myself to blog later (will be overwhelmed by emotion and all) so finishing this off before we bid farewell to some of the interns the way only Sandarbh can!

It’s been short and sweet but the past 3 months have been so full of you all! From working and brain-storming together to partying and creating havoc together!
Can’t imagine how it would have been without the 5 of you!

This is the time where I will say “Best of Luck” as we part ways and veer off into parallel unknowns.
“Keep in touch” is something else I will say. Because even though the future is unknown I want you all to be a part of it with me, with us.
No matter how far you go or how long it had been since we talked, remember your beginning. And don’t be a stranger.

It’s a perfect world so goodbyes are a thing and that should be the perfect reason to keep in touch and try to catch up whenever we can.

Farewell Afreen, we know you will never lose your fighting spirit. Never do.

Farewell Kavi, be as sweet as you are ... always.

Farewell Kiri, dance to your dreams with all the spunk you have!

Farewell Sid, we finally know what you look like! Keep it this way!

Farewell Shaz, Be the drama queen, the king of funtimes and as ambitious as ever (in all things :P)

Having said all that, you all will be missed! Thank you for adding so much to Sandarbh!

Best luck and lots of love!

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